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Keep your residential property clean beautiful with customized Residential Property Maintenance Service


Your commercial property should be a welcoming space for both your employees and clients to enjoy.

Our Services

Lawn - Grass maintenance service

  • Regular scheduled grass mowing keeps your lawn beautiful and healthy while eliminating some grass pests

    Flower bed maintenance

    • Enhances the look of your flower beds and property, while keeping grass away from overshadowing flower beds

    Shrub maintenance service

    • Pruning shrubs at the right time of the season helps to keep your plant material beautiful and healthy

    Spring and Fall maintenance service

    • Removal of dead leaves and branches from your flower beds enhances the look of the property

    Winter snow removal service

    • We ensure your property is clear of snow in a timely and acceptable time frame and that plowed snow allows for sage passage of vehicles

      Litter control service

      • Proper removal and disposal of litter from your property ensures your grounds are free of litter and all garbage bags are changed from garbage bins to avoid over flow, smell

      Why Chose Us

      Our reputation is very important to us on each and every level, and so our staff are trained and devoted landscape professionals.

      You benefit from our unwavering commitment to using the best materials and workmanship possible.

      “Last summer we ruined our grass but this year to hire Decomax and it looks amazing. thanks! to John”

      Melvin Silva

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